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Family Center

The Family Center is a Social Service Center addressed to Children’s Families. It is a problem-solving agency for the adult family members, especially mothers. Generally, it offers assistance with social, legal, health and educational matters. The Center’s objectives are counseling, motivation, awareness and guidance for parents about their roles, rights and duties towards their children. In the meantime, it provides information and shows proper solutions for various social issues. The Center serves as a mediator between the beneficiary and the private or public sector, aiming to the resolution of social and legal issues.  

The Social Service Center provides:

  • Direct services and information to citizens, mainly regarding issues on social welfare. (The Center serves 500 Muslim Families – approximately 2500 people- dealing with matters of social benefits and issues of health and abuse, solving legal and bureaucratical issues and errors, etc).
  • Counseling and awareness.
  • Follow up to the relevant social sectors, monitoring the progress of each case.
  • Escort to the public offices whenever necessary.


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