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Notions of Voluntarism 
Nowadays, the notion of voluntarism does not include aspects of charity and compassion. The volunteer himself is the person that benefits from voluntarism in the first place. Reserving a place in “paradise” is not a motive for voluntarism. The volunteer becomes active for the sake of his own development and self-awareness; achieving both through co-existence with his fellow beings.
Voluntarism is a means to equilibrate certain social changes. It aims to raise awareness and activate citizens to participate in social affairs and consequently help them become social human beings.
Voluntarism combats isolation among citizens, cultivates the collective spirit of community and supplies the needs of a multicultural society.
Voluntarism promotes the idea of brotherhood and the variety among citizens. In that way, the volunteer weathers his prejudices and strains of discrimination, if any.
Voluntarism could be labeled as a therapeutical method which achieves to socialize citizens. Sociologists and Social Workers have to guide, organize and train the volunteers.
The institution of Voluntarism sets an example of Social Intervention made by the Social Worker in his effort to supply the needs of the Multicultural Society.
The volunteer needs to rely on the Social Scientists and Workers in order to attain his goals. The latter have to be familiar with means of intercommunication and know approaches to voluntarism.
The Social Worker should be always alert to the problems of each volunteer and balance any communication gasps. It is a fact that alterations in Modern Society have caused feelings of isolation among citizens; they feel unprotected and find it difficult to accept different ways of life and coexistence.
The Social Worker has to support the Volunteer, soothe any cause of apprehension and encourage the struggle for a modern, peaceful and global society, a society free of barriers that tend to divide and distinguish among people.
Myrto Lemos
Social Worker


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