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Social and Educational Action, founded in 1997, is a voluntary Non Governmental Organization. The organization, targeting socially and financially disadvantaged communities, aims to improve their living conditions and support their personal development.

Social and Educational Action seeks to raise social awareness within communities and promotes the idea of activism and voluntarism through its activities. Thus, the NGO has created a respectable network of volunteers and seeks co-operation with other institutions, either public or private.

Social and Educational Action maintains the Support Center for Children and Family since 1997. The center focuses, mainly, on the support of the socially excluded children – the so called street children – children who belong to ethnic and religious minorities, who face psychological, and family problems, or children victims of racism and marginalization. The higher goal is the inclusion of the socially excluded children and their families through respect for their cultural identity and traditions.

The Center is located in a rented place in the area of Kolonos and illustrates a model programme aiming to the support of socially excluded children and their families. The programme is especially formed to cover the social needs of those children who live in the areas of Metaksourgio, Kolonos, and Votanikos and mainly come from the Greek Muslim families and turkish speaking families of western Thrake, few children from Roma Albanian families visit the Center as well. Their parents, greek citizens in their majority, face grave social and financial issues, being unable in the same time to offer their children the proper parental care. The Center offers its services through the Day Center for young children, the Youth Center and the Family Center.


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