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Center for Young Children

The smooth integration of the street children into the standard social reality is the primary goal of the Youth Center for Young Children. The Youth Center stands by these children aiming to show that there are alternatives to their standard living conditions. In the meantime, the center gives priority to school assistance and support by helping children with their homework and at the same time supporting and guiding families to fulfill their parental duties and face the necessity of school and education constructively.

The center prepares the Younger Children for school in such a way that they are taught the appropriate social skills and proper behaviour; both necessary elements for a successful enrolment and absorption. The center seeks to motivate children to develop their imagination and creativity and support the ones that are already enrolled. It succeeds to do so through various programmes, such as assistance with their homework, special programmes combating illiteracy and programmes for learning skills through activities. Also, the Center runs school enrolling programmes, accompanying the children for registration, following up on their progress and attendance. The Center provides school material to children that have been enrolled to school. (schoolbags, notebooks, pencils, pencil cases etc.). Lunch is daily provided for children.  Children used to participate in the preparation of lunch in the center, now it is offered by the public nursery of the Municipality of Athens. In addition, the Center runs a Health care and hygiene programme, providing basic care, such as bathing and clean clothing. Also, the Center escorts children to the Medical Centers or Clinics for their vaccination and their medical and dental check-up, etc.


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