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EVS is a programme for volunteering abroad, within the framework of the European Commission’s “Youth in Action” Programme. In Greece the responsible National Agency that runs the programme is the General Secretariat of Youth. 

Who can participate? 

Young people aged from 18 to 30 years old. There is no special requirement for the participation in the programme. Of course, even if it is not a requirement, the use of English language can be usefull ☺ 

What kind of projects are there? 

There are projects from a variety of topics. The most important ones are: social exclusion, children and youth, environment. 

Which countries participate in the programme? 

The partner countries are all E.U. countries, Turkey, Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway. The programme also supports cooperation with the neighboring countries of South-East Europe, Eastern Europe and Caucasus and Mediterranean countries. 

*There is a possibility for other countries of the world to participate as well.

How long does a project last?

There are 2 categories of projects, long-term (from 6 to 12 months) and short-term (from 2 to 5 months), that usually concern participation of under-privileged youth. 

What are the expenses of the volunteer? 

The programme covers all the expenses needed for the preparation, of the volunteer prior to the departure, the arrival to and the return from the hosting country, board and lodging of the volunteer and local transportation to and from the working place. Also a monthly allowance is provided, the amount of which differs from country to country (in Greece the allowance is 95€). Finally, a personal insurance plan is provided. 

Social and Educational Action as a Hosting Organization 

Our organization participates in the EVS programme since 2004 (Youth programme) as a hosting organization of European volunteers. Since the beginning of the programme 16 volunteers have been hosted from Italy, Poland, Germany, Portugal, Latvia, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, U.K., Hungary and France, for a duration of 6 to 10 months. The volunteers support the work of the Support Center for Children and Family; they work daily with children and youth, participating in educational and artistic activities, accompanying the children to outdoor activities and excursions and developing their own ideas and initiatives according to their interests and competences. The goal of the project is to bring the volunteers in contact with the social and educational problems of the center’s population and to equip them with knowledge of the methods used for the integration of socially excluded children and youth. The project also helps the youth of the center to get to know other cultures while in the same time enhances the concept of a different but equal European citizen.

At the moment we are hosting four volunteers, Kamil and Ergin from Turkey, Anne-Sophie from France and Diana from Portugal!

Social and Educational Action as a sending organization.

Since 2007 our organization is an accredited sending organization of Greek volunteers. We undertake the support of the volunteers in finding a suitable project, the communication with the hosting organizations, the preparation prior to the project and the continuous support of the volunteers. Until today we have sent three volunteers in the U.K, in France and in Spain.


Information on EVS from the webpage of the European Commission: 

Database of accredited EVS projects: 

Description of our project in the database of accredited EVS projects:


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