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Become a Volunteer

The need for volunteers never ceases. The volunteers are evaluated for the services they can offer to the population according to their assets, their abilities and their interests.

Usually they support the work of the professionals. If you have motivation and free time to offer to the Center, there are daily needs, for instance in the teaching and social skills development programme as well in the creative activities for the children.

In addition, the operational needs of the Center are also important, like the technical support whenever we have technical problems to address.

If you have free time from Monday to Friday from 11:00 to 17:00, come in contact with us. Your offer here, even if it is one hour per week, is valuable to us and the children.

We all, the people that support and help the Support Center for Children and Family would like to thank you for your interest and point out that our Center for the last eleven years is able to support the Children and their Families because it is surrounded by people that care and help.


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