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A considerable number of socially aware Citizens has been supporting the efforts of the Support Center for Children and Family. Most of them offer voluntary services and others provide necessary material required by the Center, the Families and Children. People’s participation gives joy and optimism and encourages us to continue our effort. For the past 11 years our Center’s existence has depended a great deal on these grants and support. Thus, we feel the need to express our sincerest gratitude to all the volunteers and supporters for their constant support of our Center.

Our volunteers are mainly young university students, pensioners and common citizens, even the unemployed, who find time to act against social problems and contribute to the needs of socially excluded children and their families. The unemployed volunteer until they find a permanent job. Some others, along side their job, dedicate part of their time to the Center and the others who live too far away contribute to the center in various ways.

There are however severe difficulties in completing a programme which depends solely on volunteer action. The Center understands that volunteers cannot offer their energy indefinitely. Occasionally, some volunteers come more irregularly and sometimes due to personal needs eventually stop showing up. Students are confined by their study and exam schedule. The pensioners often have family or health problems. The unemployed eventually find jobs and their time is limited. Finally, our employed volunteers become fatigued balancing both work and voluntarism.

The Center attempts to maintain communication with past volunteers as they often come to the center’s aid in time of need.



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